StLouisPianist - Jazz Piano Lessons

I have several lesson slots open in 2020 for Adult students interested in learning to play jazz piano, beginners and intermediate players.


Beginning students will learn how to harmonize a jazz leadsheet with rich sounding harmonies and create spontaneous improvised arrangements.  Will also learn to create musical sounding improvised lines. 

Intermediate and Advanced students will focus on developing technique and facility at jazz lines and more sophisticated playing in solo and in ensemble situations.


Lessons are available weekly or biweekly at my house in Ballwin and are $40 per lesson (45 minutes).  I can also do Skype lessons online.  Just fill out the form below and I'll get in contact so we can talk about your background and level of interest and find out what pace works best for you!   

About me:

I have a jazz studies degree from Webster University and have been playing professionally for over twenty years.  

Dave Becherer

552 Cherry Ridge Ct

Ballwin Mo 63021