A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at Touch of Nature

The Spot

I had a last minute call recently to perform an outdoor wedding at Touch of Nature Environmental Center in Illinois. I showed up early and discovered that the trip from the parking lot to the ceremony spot was going to be about 1/4 of a mile. Thankfully they had helpful staff and golf carts! When I arrived at the spot, I was the only one there so I had to make a quick decision about where I'd be setup. I wasn't sure how much room the wedding party would occupy on the stage so I setup at the top of the hill so I could see everything and be out of the way. I had a better view than anyone else. From my vantage I could see everything, including the beautiful lake behind the couple. I try to get discreet photos during the ceremony, and unfortunately because of where I positioned myself these shots don't do this space justice! I highly recommend Touch of Nature for ceremonies.

The Music

When I asked the couple what kind of music they were looking for, they had only locked down their recessional piece, which was "Married Life" from the Movie, "UP". This was a new one to me, but when I watched the video I remembered what a "tear jerker" this one was. (This was the song at the beginning of the movie that covers the couple's life from their young beginning to the wife's death of an old age.)

This song was critical to them. They asked for suggestions for the rest of the wedding music. They wanted to keep it light and fun.

Based on recommendations I was able to give them, the final lineup looked like this:

Seating of Parents the classic "What a Wonderful World".

Bridesmaids walked to "Somebody to Love" by Queen

The Bridal processional they chose was "Better Together" By Jack Johnson

Recessional "Married Life"

Bellow is an excerpt I recorded of Married Life. Incidentally, this was recorded with a DIGITAL piano (using software called Pianoteq). It is a beautiful reproduction of a Steinway D concert grand piano.

If your wedding venue does not have a piano, or if it does but its sub-par, I bring a digital piano and a laptop and run this sound through a stereo P.A. System. It sounds gorgeous (in fact - better than 90% of the real pianos I get to play)! Mobile Version: (https://hearthis.at/stlouispianist-fk/married-life/)

View from over the keys.

Wedding Piano during Ceremony at Touch of Nature