Season Wrap-up

These are the last few weeks of wedding season (two more to go unless some last minute December weddings book!).

Here's some Hi-lights from the last few weeks from the end of October through last weekend.

1) Ceremony at the Missouri History Museum (shot obscured by a post unfortunately!)

2) Ceremony outdoors at Meadowbrook Country Club (on one of the nicest days of the season - it was 85 degrees on an October day!)

3) Ceremony at All Saints Church in U City with Vocalist, Kim Wren - acoustics were amazing!

4) Ceremony at UMSL Provincial House

5) Ceremony and cocktails at Frontenac Hilton

6) Cocktails/Dinner at the History Museum (shot obscured by a post again!)

7) Recording of XMAS music to prep for the season - I was excited to be able to do this all in house with my own studio gear. It's amazing what curtains and lights will do to a space!

8) Recording of Hammerstring Duo at SilverOaks for our new video

9) Had the pivelidge of recording with Keith Moyer's quintet at SawHorse Studios for his new album. Can't wait to hear the finished product!

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