HämmerString Goes Public

Until very recently, the focus of the cello/piano duo has been weddings and cocktails. However, we're finding ourselves drawn artistically to some pretty aggressive arrangements and we've had a desire to perform in some different settings.

Tonight we have a great opportunity to play in a fairly unique situation. We'll be performing at 12th and Washington in the Loft district downtown. There is a new venue that will open soon there that is going to among other things feature live music. Their desire is to showcase highly developed artistic ventures of a type that you wouldn't normally hear in bars (such as HämmerString!) However, at the same time they want to maintain an atmosphere that is compatible with the cityscape/nightlife that we have downtown.

This is a really unique situation, similar to what you'd see in New York. We're very interested to see what is going to develop for this venue. We're going to be the first to perform there, and we'll be doing a free show at 8:00 on their patio, outside. They don't have a liquor license yet and they're not even open. However they want to let the neighborhood know that something unique and fresh is coming, and we're honored to be the first sample of things to come!

Meanwhile, HämmerString has been busy recording and learning interesting new material. Check out this beautiful arrangement of "Hallelujah" by the Brooklyn duo that we recently recorded at the Steinway Piano Gallery!

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