”There wasn’t a dry eye in the church ! "

Debbie from St Louis


Pianist Dave Becherer, Cellist Jake Brookman

A Renowned Cello-Piano Duo Creating a Fusion of Sounds from Elegant to Energizing!

Delight Your Guests and Set the Perfect Tone for Your Wedding or Cocktail Hour

with the Beautiful Music of HämmerString 

The HämmerString Piano/Cello Duo brings something special to your setting or event, creating an uncommon weave of two beautiful instruments and offering music that is bright, beautiful and memorable!


The Piano/Cello Duo is a small ensemble with a big sound. own among other things for Piano Guys arrangements such as  "A Thousand Years".  With it's big build and dramatic peak, it's a perfect wedding song for walking down the aisle!


Our repertoire includes an absolutely unique selection spanning popular selections from genres including classical, new age, crossover pop tunes and of course, amazing Piano Guys arrangements, perfect for wedding music and cocktails.  

The unique chemistry of cello strings over piano is known to please any kind of audience - especially when it's done remarkably well.


HämmerString Brings the Many Moods and Magic of Piano and Cello -- and People Love it!


 We love these guys!!..They are huge crowd pleasers and keep our guests engaged while adding to the patio’s ambiance. We can’t recommend them enough! Thank you for creating a Parisian paradise in the CWE" - Jen, Manager of Brasserie

"Their Music was Amazing!"

Andy and Gaia

"They Made Our Wedding a Fairy Tale"


Monse and Moises 

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